Where to Stay in Morelia

Morelia Hotels

When choosing a hotel, location is king. In Morelia, these are the best locations to stay.

Where to Stay in Morelia:

The best location is around the cathedral, that is the heart of the historic center and where all of my recommended hotels are.

 The second best area is near the aqueduct and the Tarascas monument, this is on the east side of the historic center. This location is usually cheaper, but most of the things to visit are somewhat far from here (look for the Howard Johnson hotel).

 The third area is near Camelinas Avenue, this is located in the modern part of the city, here you are going to find the big and chain hotels (Holiday Inn), this area is far from the historic center, but if you are looking for a modern hotel, with upscale restaurants nearby this is the place to stay.


Hotel de la Soledad:

Hotel de la Soledad

This is my favorite hotel in the city, think of it as a vacation from your vacation, the hotel is tucked away in a perpendicular street that keeps all the noise from the city away. All rooms are different, and you can’t go wrong with any. Its located half a block away from the cathedral.

This hotel is expensive by Morelia standards, and the most expensive on our list, but it's a great choice if you want to splurge. It looks like a small and charming “hacienda,” and on weekends, they have the best breakfast buffet in the area, even if you aren’t staying here, go and check out. The only downside of this hotel is that it doesn’t have a view of the cathedral.

The rest of the hotels on the list are a good choice if you choose the right room type


Hotel Cantera Diez:

Credit: Hotel Cantera Diez

Credit: Hotel Cantera Diez

This hotel is great to get the best view of the cathedral and the fireworks during the cathedral illumination. Choose a Master Suite with Terrace or above to get a view of the cathedral. The best room is not actually the more expensive Cantera Suite, but Master Suite with Terrace, you get your own terrace and the best view of the fireworks (like the image above). Interior rooms (no cathedral view), are on the expensive side if you compare it with my other recommendations.


Hotel Alameda


Credit: Hotel Alameda

Credit: Hotel Alameda

This hotel is usually the best value for your money.it has been recently renovated, and all rooms with cathedral view have a great view of the main plaza. However, they are on the noisy side due to all the bars in the area. Interior rooms are a hit or miss (stay away from the in-between floors rooms) but are good for the price, quiet and the breakfast buffet (usually included), is the second best of the area.
This hotel is a great hotel if you want to get a decently priced room with a view.


Hotel Casino

Credit: Hotel Casino

Credit: Hotel Casino


This room is for the budget oriented traveler, and as you can imagine, I have stayed here several times. This hotel has all the basics that you need including a clean bed, off-brand toiletries, a private restroom but nothing else, if you need air conditioner or room service, this is not the place for you. Here you can get the cheapest and the second best view of the cathedral but prepare for a sleepless night, as the bars below play music until 3 am or later. Their interior rooms are the best value of the hotels I recommend, if you need a safe, private and clean room, this is your spot. Request a room in the back if you want a quiet room.



Credit: City Express Morelia

Credit: City Express Morelia

I usually don't like to stay in chain hotels, but this is the exception to the rule. This hotel is located next to the casino hotel, it's not as cheap as its neighbor, but it's a great value if you don’t mind staying in an uninspired cookie cutter room with no view. On the upside, the location is great, the price is right, and you get AC. This chain hotel is the Mexican version of a European Ibis hotel.


Where not to stay

If you stay in the recommended areas, you are going to have everything within walking distance. However, there is one location that you should be aware as they usually have great hotel rates in all the popular hotel search engines (Trivago, Hoteles.com, etc.); the area north of Santiago Tapia street (near Hotel Qualitel Centro/Plus) this is where the unofficial red district starts/ends. This area has cheap hotels and its close to the cathedral, but I would not recommend staying here if you are looking for family-friendly activities. Trust me, I already fell for those great deals.


Regardless of where you stay, each location has a charm and a different view to the city. Look for a hotel that fit your needs and enjoy your visit to Morelia!