5 foods you can't miss in Morelia

Morelia Best Food

The city of Morelia is a beautiful city with old buildings, a ton of history, friendly people, but the food, that is something that you are never going to forget.


The first thing you need to try is a gaspacho. If you are thinking of the cold tomato soup, you can enjoy while in Spain, you could not be farther from the true. This is the local take on a fruit salad. The main ingredients are fresh mango, pineapple, jicama, orange juice, cotija cheese, lime, and powder chili. Of course, you can add or remove ingredients depending on your preferences. This is a great snack everybody can enjoy, and its big enough to share it with someone else. Plan to spend around $2 to $3 usd.

Huchepos / Uchepos

Although nobody can agree on the right spelling of these tender corn tamales, everybody agrees that you need to try them while visiting Morelia, these savory tamales, can be enjoyed on its own or served with green tomatillo salsa, and cream. In my opinion, these taste best on their own. These are perfect for vegetarians, as they are prepared with butter.


If there is one food you must try while visiting the city, this is the one. This is a triangular tamale with no filling. Corundas are served with cream and a spicy tomato based salsa. This is the most representative food from the entire state and my favorite! There is a vegan version of the corunda, called “corunda de ceniza” or ash corunda, prepared with cooking oil instead of lard, not available everywhere, but never hurts to ask if you have dietary restrictions.


Pork Carnitas

This food originally from the state of Michoacan, its something you can’t miss if you love meat. Carnitas are made by braising pork in lard for about 3 to 4 hours, usually served with diced tomato, onions, avocado, and tortillas. If you love pork meat, you can’t go home without trying this. The best place to try it is Quiroga (30 miles east of Morelia). This would be an experience you will always remember. If you can’t make the trip there, Morelia has several good alternatives.

 If you think Morelia has good food, wait until you try their desserts. I hope you are not on a diet when visiting the city!