Visiting Morelia 101

Morelia City Center

Morelia is my favorite Colonial city in Mexico, is not as crowded as Mexico city, it has the charm of a small town, and most importantly, if you have ever wondered why Mexican food is so famous, you are going to find the answer here.


Several cities in Mexico have the image of being dangerous for travelers, Morelia is one of those cities that have this image. This cannot be farther from the true, yes, any city in the world is dangerous if you are not careful, but all the touristy areas in Morelia are safe at any time of the day or night (you’ll notice a heavy police presence in all of downtown to ensure the safety of the locals and tourist). During the night is when the old town becomes more vivid and several tours and spectacles take place.

When to go

Morelia and the neighboring towns have so many celebrations worth seeing, that planning your trip based on the weather, would not be wise, but to give you an idea what to expect, the rainy season is  June to September (especially July), and the warmest months are April to June. If you don’t like the cold, January and December are not a good idea.

When choosing when to go, look at this list of must-see celebrations, this will be your best guide on the timing of your trip. Also, plan to spend the weekend at the old town, that is when most of the cultural activities happen.

 Where to Stay

Morelia has several types of accommodations, you can spend as much as $300 - $400 USD, or as few as $30-$40 USD a night, plan on how much you want to spend, and look at our recommendations of where to stay(Coming Soon). Our best value in the city, will cost you around $100 USD a night. The city center is the place to be, the closest to the cathedral, the better.

What to eat

Morelia has one of the best local cuisines you are going to find in any city. Food should be part of your sightseeing plans. Want to know what to expect, look at this quick list we put together on what foods and desserts to try while in Morelia.  Just remember that most of these delicacies are prepared old school, this means that vegetarians, vegans, and people with food allergies are going to have to pass on some of these experiences.  Fortunately, sweets are something that anybody can enjoy, and there are a few local specialties that you can’t miss.


If you like to buy souvenirs, this is the place for you, beautiful local handicrafts are everywhere, and each town has their own. Can even make a day trip and buy your Christmas ornaments in the biggest ornaments fairs in the country.


Morelia has several tours to keep you busy for at least a week. Several travel companies offer this service. When booking a tour, always book directly with the travel company, if you book through your hotel, you’ll be paying a 10-30% markup for the convenience.

A good way to get familiar with the city is a walking tour of the city center, this will help you be familiar with the city from day one, there is a great audio tour that you can download and take it at your convenience (wink, wink).