Choosing A Hotel

Hotel Alameda Morelia

Choosing a hotel in a city you have never visited before, can be challenging, but if you know what to look for, you can find the right accommodation for you, regardless of the city you are visiting.


The first thing you need to establish is how much you want to spend per night on lodging every night. Knowing this from the beginning will help you establish a budget for your trip and will give you an idea of what types of accommodations you can look for.


As with real estate, in the hotel business, location is king, I personally have spent a little more than planned on accommodations because the location was more convenient for my plans. Always try to stay as close as possible to the locations where are you going to spend the majority of time sightseeing. If you are visiting a colonial city in Mexico, always stay in the city center or old town.


Whenever looking at a price of accommodations, check what is included in the room rate. Sometimes breakfast is included, and that will save you some money, and more importantly, it will save you time every morning.

Don’t forget to look at boutique hotels, these hotels usefully provide a vacation from your vacation, as they are uniquely decorated, and will transport you to another era or location, and can be a good break from your vacation

Resort, Hotel or Airbnb?

Every vacation and traveler is different; when choosing accommodations, always remember, convenience is expensive. Airbnb is usually cheaper, but you are not going to have the convenience a hotel provides (24hours check-in, room service, etc.), I only use Airbnb, when staying 3 night at least, less than that, it’s not worth the hassle. Always choose a hotel based on your needs for that trip. Staying at an all-inclusive resort may be a good idea if you are planning on never leaving the resort, but you will waste a lot of money if you are only going to be doing sightseeing all day.

Regardless of what accommodations you chose, remember to look at reviews when possible, the bad reviews are usually the most useful, this is the place to look for if you are wondering if the hotel is in a noisy area, or if rooms are not as pictured. And as always, remember that traveling is an adventure, the best stories we all have, are when things didn’t go as planned.